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NIEM-UML Revised Submission Available for Review
The updated and proposed NIEM-UML-Revised-Submission-gov-12-05-01 is available for review and implementation along with the official NIEM-UML-Machine-Readable-Files-gov-12-05-01. You may also be interested in the supporting resources.
About this submission

In June 2011, OMG accepted and released an RFP for the development of a UML Profile for NIEM (NIEM-UML). The objective of this RFP was to provide a standard for modeling National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) artifacts for Model Package Descriptions (MPD) with UML. MPDs include Releases, Core and Domain Updates, Enterprise Information Exchange Models (EIEMs) and Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPDs). While NIEM-UML concentrates mainly on modeling artifacts commonly used by NIEM developers as part of IEPDs, there are no constructs in this profile which cannot be leveraged for modeling other types of MPDs. Please note that this document uses the terms NIEM MPD and NIEM IEPD interchangeably.

In November 2011, the submission team completed their initial submission for NEIM-UML, and presented it to the Government Domain Task Force (GovDTF) for review and feedback. The initial submission was reviewed during the December OMG technical meeting, and received feedback from members of the GovDTF. This revised submission includes the feedback received, and additional clauses that were not completed in time for the November submission. The revised NIEM-UML submission is complete in all aspects to address all mandatoryand most optional requirements specified in the RFP and is expected to be recommended for adoption at the June OMG Meeting.


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